Bike Bible Partners with Random Adventure – Who is Random Adventure?

Bike Bible partners with members of the cycling industry in order to fund our sponsorship program, the latest partner to join us is Random Adventure, we thought we best introduce them!



Who is Random Adventure?

Random Adventure is a newly set up organisation in which aims to bring amazing people to Lancashire and talk about their experiences/adventures, we put on blues gigs in bike shops, social rides, but mainly I wanted to help support the local indie shop community.


What was behind the idea of setting it up?

Nobody like Hans Rey, Charlie Kelly and the like would come over from America to Lancashire to talk, and yet people wanted it, I wanted it, so rather than moaning, I made it happen. I had the support of local promoter who gave me loads of advice who I know from when I do sound engineering at his gigs, the local bike shops on a whole have also been amazing and very supportive.



Who would you say you looked forward to the most hosting an event for?

Everyone, I ask them to come and chat, what they have done/are doing is amazing and I personally want to hear their story. If they don’t excite me, I won’t ask to book them.


If you could interview anyone alive or dead who would it be?

JMC, the guy died well before his time, what he did for British mountain biking was incredible and the shockwaves are still felt to this day.


And what would you like to ask them?

Fancy coming to Lancashire and doing a talk for us?


KM or miles?

Km, I ride audax.


What talks do you have coming up?

23rd July we have Charlie Kelly, the godfather of mountain biking.

Later on in the year we have the like of Karl Booth who fat biked through late winter from Manchester to Nordkapp, the most northerly town in Europe. We also have the flying Scotsman himself, Graeme Obree coming up talking about his amazing career.


If you want to know more about them check out their Facebook page by clicking here, All Random Adventure talks are listed in the events section on our Facebook Page and also in the events section on the website shop.




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