Bike Bible Speaks to…….. REdbEAR sports

The guys over at RedbEAR approached us with a discount offer for the Bike Bible members so we decided we needed to know more about them! So we found out more! So we asked the owner to send us over some more info and here it is! See bottom of the article for a unique Bike Bible discount code!




REdbEAR sports really began back in 2014 from a desire to bring to the market standout sportswear that broke from the norm. Up until September 2014, we had a range of tech-tee’s, performance polo’s and base layers, but something was missing. Whilst the small range we carried met the quality we desired, the gear we had was not ours, it simply had our logo on it. What we lacked was realising our vision and identity. So we decided to fix that, and fix it quickly!






I have stood nervously on many start lines and looked around and taken notice of what gear people wear, (not in a weird way but I have been caught looking), and I was convinced that there are people out there that would rock a pop art running shirt or a Hawaiian cycle jersey so that’s when we commissioned our first design – the Christmas jumper print.  From the design process, to sampling, to manufacturing – and finally selling something – felt different, it felt right; it felt like what we now had was the start of our identity. At this time of year, with Christmas fast approaching, I am reminded of our original vision, and taking delivery of the Christmas jumper cycle-jersey stock magnifies this. This special design was our first bit of gear from our ‘Stand Out’ range and our designer friend Dan S helped us realise our vision. This design has been a real springboard to get us working with other talented designers to bring unique sportswear, especially cycle-jerseys, to the market. We soon discovered that the cycling community embraced our philosophy for stand out gear and we regularly receive ideas and request to develop some really groovy designs. We collaborated with one particular designer to bring out the pop-art range and that was closely followed by the sugar skull print, and we have recently worked with a talented Manga artist. The Hawaiian designer even hand drew the design to ensure a unique finish! Our successful collaborations have fuelled our passion to showcase new design talent and give them a platform, by helping us build ours!  Our stand out’ gear is not just about design; whilst design is important, quality is paramount.




With Halloween almost upon us, we are offering all Bike Bible followers a 10% discount on our delightfully frightful sugar skull range of cycle jerseys. Simply enter red10 at checkout. Head over to now to check out the range and find out more!




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