Bike Bible Top Ten – Cycling Books You Must Read

Lets face it if cyclists are not riding their bikes they are drooling over new kit, talking about it, watching it or reading about it – were fanatical! Below we have listed our top 10 books we think you just have to have in your collection be this based on their content, their aid to your training or just plain comedy value in some cases! So in no particular order here is our Top 10 Cycling Books You Must Read!




Very few books will you ever read (bar this one and another one listed later on) will it have you turning page after page in tears of laughter at no only the content but at yourself as you realise you are ever bit as cycling mad as the writer! Michael Hutchinson aka Dr Hutch (his Cycling Weekly pen name) has you not only looking deep inside yourself and laughing but also quite possibly opening your eyes to some new ways of thinking! A must read!  Available from Amazon by clicking here!




Obsessive Compulsive Cycling Disorder written by Dave Barter is written in the form of every chapter is a blog post written at some point by the author. This is another book that will have you laughing and crying with every page turn as you laugh not only at in some cases but also with the writer. We will not spoil this one by telling you much more but when you do read it you will see why we think it’s a Top 10 read! Available from Amazon by clicking here!







The World of Cycling According to G  is a small snippet into the life of a pro cyclist all from Super G! With insights into his training, riding and people he comes into contact with and various humorous bits slipped in! Well worth a read as G is one of them riders that we all know still has so much to offer in his cycling career even though he has already achieved great things!  Available from Amazon by clicking here!




100 Greatest Cycling Climbs: A Road Cyclist’s Guide to Britain’s Hills written by Simon Warren is probably one of the most famous cycling books in the UK, every cyclist you meet will have heard of it if not where have they been! With follow up books to it including regional ones, Tour De France ones and Another 100 climbs there is plenty of reading to be done! As with all great writers Simon is speaking from experience as he has rode all the hills he writes about telling you all about them and everything you need to know! Available from Amazon by clicking here!





Slaying the Badger: LeMond, Hinault and the Greatest Ever Tour de France by Richard Moore is the story of the battle between LeMond and Hinault, the road to it and the outcome. We won’t spoil the story if you dont know it but it is claimed to be one of the best cycling battles to have ever taken place in the sport! Available from Amazon by clicking here!





After blowing all his cash on his previous long-distance bike ride (No Place Like Home, Thank God), Steven Primrose-Smith wants to go cycling again. Without the necessary funds, he decides to see if it’s possible to travel thousands of miles on a budget of just £1 a day. Against advice, he puts together a team of complete strangers, including a fresh-faced student, a Hungarian chef, and a man with the world’s worst bike, the beard of a goblin and a fetish for goats. While cycling from Liverpool to Gibraltar through England, Wales, France, Spain and Portugal, they plan to supplement their cash-strapped diet by fishing and foraging. It’s just a pity no one knows anything about either. People quit, nerves are strained, and faces and bikes are both smashed. Will anyone make it to Gibraltar? Hungry for Miles: Cycling across Europe on One Pound a Day by Steven Primrose-Smith is one of them books that will leave you wanting adventure! Available from Amazon by clicking here!





Love him or loathe him there is no denying Mark Cavendish has style and is heading to be one of the greatest cyclist of all time. In this book he describes his road to fame and his slightly obsessive nature that allows him to be such a force on the bike albeit it not without controversy! Available from Amazon by clicking here!




The Chimp Paradox: The Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness by Prof Steve Peters is for those of you who let negative thoughts impact your performance. The Chimp Paradox is an incredibly powerful mind management model that can help you become a happy, confident, healthier and more successful person. Prof Steve Peters explains the struggle that takes place within your mind and then shows how to apply this understanding to every area of your life so you can. Available from Amazon  by clicking here!








Cycling is an enigma of sport when it comes to how outsiders can understand it as its a team sport yet its all about one rider? Its a selfless but selfish sport all wrapped up in a peloton of pain! This book Domestique: The Real-life Ups and Downs of a Tour Pro by Charly Wegelius covers this from the ones who give everything they have and do not gain the fame and fortune. Available from Amazon by clicking here.




On 17 July 1993, Graeme Obree stunned the international world when he emerged from obscurity to smash Francesco Moser’s World Hour Record. The Flying Scotsman is Graeme Obree’s searing autobiography, from his tough upbringing in Ayrshire where he found escape on the roads, to his head-to-head duals with Chris Boardman and becoming a major star on the European circuit. Obree created massive controversy in the professional cycling world with his unique riding style and his pioneering construction techniques – famously using washing-machine parts to complete the building of his ‘Old Faithful’. Yet all his sporting success was achieved in the shadow of manic depression and suicidal despair. His life continues to have its ups and downs as Obree brings his amazing life story up to date as he continues to astound the world with his creative genius and sporting prowess. A must read for anyone that is a fan of Obree! Available from Amazon by clicking here!


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