High Ongar Primary School Cycle Event in the Tilnar Cycle Challenge Ongar


The pupils at High Ongar Primary School had a fantastic time in their Charity Cycle Event for the Tilnar Cycle Challenge on Friday 23rd June.  The event which was organised by the Friends of High Ongar Primary School, challenged the children to see how far they could cycle in 90 mins on a circuit on the playing fields at Love Lane.  The event was sponsored by Allen Ford Essex, Hamilton Carpets & John Sear Estate Agents who ensured all of the children received a free Tilnar Cycle Challenge T-Shirt.   The Zinc Centre also supported the event and helped refuel the pupils with cookies and squash when they stopped for rests.





The event was a terrific success with 50 children (a 1/3 of the whole school) taking part and cycling 1270 laps of their circuit and 254 miles between them!!   One 5 year old boy was inspired by the challenge to cycle over 5 miles and a number of pupils cycled over 10 miles on the grass in the 90 minutes.  The children loved the challenge and parents were amazed at how far each child cycled.  The pupils have also been sponsored and the money raised will be split between the School and Porridge and Rice, a charity supporting children in the slums of Nairobi.   A number of other local schools are hoping to organise events in the Tilnar Cycle Challenge in the Autumn and for more information, please look at www.tilnarcyclechallenge.org


Tom Hawes – Tel – 01277 362 816 Email: ride@tilnarcyclechallenge.org

For more information, please look at our website www.tilnarcyclechallenge.org and Facebook pages www.facebook.com/tilnarcyclechallenge  & www.facebook.com/groups/TilnarCycleChallengers  to read about some of the inspirational stories that we are already receiving.



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