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Ribble is a well known cycling brand based here in the UK, more famous for their quality built bikes than anything else 2017 see’s them branching out into clothing too.  Here is our thoughts and test results on the range!



To test the range we had a pair of NUOVO by Ribble Men’s Bib Shorts in black  and a NUOVO by Ribble Men’s Short Sleeve Jersey in red.  First impressions are good, the garments are well made and presentable. Quick glance over the garments shows that they are quality made and built to last.



Testing the item bib shorts we would recommend them for short to mid rides, anything above a few hours in the saddle and we would say the pad would become uncomfortable, despite  them having the Elastic Interface® 7 hour endurance pad from Cytech which is a quality pad, the shorts do bunch up and the base of the leg when moving, this over a period of time caused them to bunch up in the crotch which isn’t an issue on short to mid rides as such, but on longer rides will cause some discomfort. The fabric “bib” and straps are very comfortable and hardly notice that they are being worn, unlike some that leave red marks and dig in on the shoulders when in use, they are also seamless which aids in this more so on longer rides.  Ribble have gone for lightweight and comfort over style and fashion which is welcomed in our book, so many companies focus on what will look good and what will look good rather than be functional and keep you using them – as you know here at BBHQ we take comfort and usability over fashion and style all day! That being said they have spruced them up a little with a Ribble style band across the leg to break the style up a little which does look good. The mesh fabric on the back of the shorts does allow for greater breathability and prevents sweating, which anyone that has experienced  it will know can lead to it rolling down the back and into the back of the shorts leading to increased discomfort. Both the bibs and the jersey have one major selling point for us here at BBHQ – as you know we are big on trying to source all our products from right here in the UK, trying to do our part to support the industry that is here on our own doorstep, Ribble have also subscribed to this ethos and all the garments are made right here in the UK.





The jersey is very traditional in the sense that it keeps with the style of having 3 rear pockets, something a few jersey makers have dabbled with reducing to two recently so we are glad that they have kept the 3! Made from performance fabrics that are designed to keep you cool and dry, they have again gone for comfort over style and fashion,  thats not to say that the garments are not easy on the eye – coming in a choice of colours (we had red) and subtle yet eye catching patterns are a good addition – but they have not done this in sacrifice of comfort. Rather amusingly if you are a larger rider and stretch the jersey it does turn from red to pink however – so if you not a fan of wearing pink ensure you order the correct size ;-).  Again Ribble have opted for the seamless design which aids in comfort and prevents from chaffing and rubbing in delicate areas. Testing the item left us with no doubt that it is up to the job its been designed for. Overall bar the issue with the leg grippers on the longer rides, we found the items to be very good quality – and will fit right in the market place for those looking for comfort and durability over anything else.


Due to the issues we had with the riding up of the bib shorts we can only give the Nuovo range a Bike Bible 4 star rating. Bar this issue they are very good quality made garments, that will last. Click here to see the full range!

Ian Baxendale Writing for Bike Bible.


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