Real User Reviews – Tifosi Intense


Sunglasses are more important than most cyclists give them credit for when out and about on the bike, they keep the sun, wind, bugs and rain out of your eyes enabling you to see where you are going – only ask a rider who left theirs at home one long ride to know just how important they are! Also just as important is finding  a pair that are right for you – there isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to them and one shape and style is good for one rider that another rider won’t like! When they guys over at Wheelies Bikes asked us if we would like to review some Tifosi Intense we agreed and here is our thoughts and review of them!  Now we do have to own up to something right at the start  of the review – we only tested these glasses 3 glasses in total due to a silly act on our part – on the day of their 4th test they were left on a train station bench meaning that some lucky person is now making use of a nice pair of sunglasses they found on said bench! Nevertheless we have tested the items and here is our review!




First impressions are good – the glasses feel lightweight and well made, the additions of the extra lenses for different conditions of weather enable them to be used all year round, they come packaged in a glasses bag which isn’t hard case which is a let down if we are honest – but as one can be gotten from Amazon etc for around £3 no major issue. In the pack comes 3 sets of lenses one black for sunny day riding, clear for the rain drenched days and new for us testing here at BBHQ red for night time riding  – we have tested yellow lenses but never before red! The frame themselves feel lightweight without being overly flimsy – now we use the term lightweight in the context not of weight saving but more of a context of if they are big, heavy frames they can be very uncomfortable on long rides and on hot days tend to slip down the nose more, so thankfully these are not like that and with the addition of hydrophobic nose and ear pads pads (the nose ones being adjustable, they are very comfortable even when the sweat is pouring down your face! The frames are made using  “virtually indestructible” Grilamid TR90 – a thermoplastic material that is incredibly durable, flexible, and lightweight, the glasses with lenses come in at 26g, and due to its flexibility alot less likely to break if dropped etc. This combined with vented lenses make the glasses a joy to use when out on the bike and extremely comfortable, the vented lenses being a blessing when the weather is a little chilly in the early mornings or evenings when misting is a nightmare when stationary at lights or slow moving, and also for allowing cool air to flow around the face when the weather is hot. Overall we think they offer very good value for money due to the technology that they are provided with and the material they are made of means they should last the test of time when in use hence our rating of 4.5 out of 5 for them, only thing to let them down was lack of a hard case! Well worth a purchase!



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