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Velo21 have partnered with Bike Bible and are official supporters of the sponsorship program in 2017, so we thought we would buy some of their products and test them see if they were up to scratch! For the purposes of the review we purchased 2 full sets of everything and gave one to the gaffa – and one to one of the admin team John Johnson for review and here is the results!




Reviews of: Matte Frame Cleaner, Ultra Shine Cut Polish, & Cherry Glaze wax.

I’m going to turn this review on its head and just come out with it, then let you Dear Reader decide if you want to read on. So, I’ll cut to the chase as it were…


I’ve never used products like these, ever, period or however you would like it put. Genuinely first rate products, ease of application but better still the results are truly outstanding”. Read on…


I’ve used a several products over the years & for the most part I always seem to find something slightly better than previous, ranging from the Pound Shop “Mucky Bike”, Muc Off & more latterly Fenwicks & loads in-between too. My bikes are always pretty clean (it’s a bit of an obsession). Actually, that’s a blatant lie. Other than when I’m riding them, my bikes are spotless (see obsession note above). I therefore didn’t use a few of Velo 21 products, namely “Cherry Bomb Shampoo”, “Dirty Weekend Bike prewash” and “The Degreaser”. I was desperately keen to try the Matte Frame cleaner on my Carbon Bianchi Oltre XR1 (Matte Celeste) as up to this point I’ve not really found a product that gives me a streak free finish and totally removes the wee oil spots on the frame around the chain ring.


Straight forward to use. Shake the bottle, spray on & remove with a microfibre cloth. Simple. The result. Unbelievable, easy to apply, streak free finish & to my delight and total amazement the oil spots were gone, disappeared, non-existent! I’m left with a spotless frame & a smile a mile wide on my ugly mug. Result, job done. After the Matte Frame Cleaner I thought as I’m at it anyway I’ll give the Cherry Glaze Wax a go too. Again, this is straight forward to apply & use. Apply the wax using the applicator pad (supplied) in small circular motions. Allow to dry for 10 to 15 minutes and simply wipe off. Easy as that. It took me a couple of minutes to complete the process. So little time that I convinced myself that I must have missed major bits on the frame. I therefore gave the frame another waxing. Again, the job was completed in a couple of minutes. This Wax is supposed to repel water & make it much more difficult for dirt & grime to stick. As I’d no intention of taking my best bike out over a rather horrible wet weekend I simply sprayed some water on the frame to see if it actually worked. Worked, not half it did. The water simply ran off, didn’t “stick” to the frame as it would normally do.


To this end, I assumed it would also repel road much & detritus. Being on a roll, I brought out my Narone 7 which has a high sheen paint finish & quickly applied the Ultra Shine Cut Polish, allowed to dry & simply wiped off. The lighter scratches on the frame disappeared with ease. I have a few deeper “scars” on the old girl which I went over a couple of times whilst loading the pad with cut. Although the scars were a tad too much to be removed completely there was a notable difference in appearance, (I’ll work at these blemishes in the coming weeks). After cutting I applied the Cherry Wax (twice, see obsession). Nothing new to report, application time really quick & result looks to be very satisfactory, high sheen achieved. The difference this time is that the N7 was to be used on Sunday for a group ride. I’ll set the scene, heavy rain overnight, roads wet & deep muddy puddles. To make matter worse when on the ride proper we took a wrong turn & ended going off road onto not even a road but a walking route through a woodland track, suffice to say my bike should have been filthy (urgh). To be honest I never gave the condition of my bike much thought until I got home after the ride and then realised that before I could rest I’d have to clean her. It was at this point that I had a good look at the state of her. To say I was astonished is a huge understatement. There were of course some manky bits on the frame but nothing like I’d normally expect. I put my bike on the stand, hosed down and dried her off. What could be easier? In conclusion with no effort my cherished N7 was back to pristine condition in a matter of seconds.


Now for the scoring:

Delivery     –   10/10 came within two days of order.

Ease of use –     10/10 nothing could be simpler to use.

Value  – 10/10 products are keenly priced.

Results  – 10/10 exceptional results.

Recommend? – Yes, without a doubt. My cycling buddies and lone suffering wife are already fed up of hearing about Velo 21 products.

Personal note:  Go get some & do it quickly. You will thank me.

Review by John Johnson for the Bike Bible.




The second part of the review written by Chris Stephens AKA The Bottom Bracket Blogger is below!



As many who know me know that I like a clean bike for many reasons like it helps the bike run smoother, it looks good and helps prolong the life of the parts. So I am always looking for products that aid me in this endeavour. Not many products get a clean 10/10 from me but Velo21 for me breaks the mold in bike care, as John has already explained above they are top notch when it comes to quality and service. I will start with some pictures of how dirty my stunning carbon bike was pre the testing, after a few very dirty rides and begrudgingly left the bike for 2 rides to get as dirty as possible to give the products a good testing! These are above!




As you can see from the above pictures the bike was in a poor state mud being in the inner workings of the bike creating a sluggish feeling and caked from top to bottom in cow muc and road “crap”. I hate seeing my beloved bike in this state so was glad to get it cleaned! Following Velo21 advice I started with the Dirty Weekend spray, covering every inch of the bike with it and then off to make a brew, brew in one hand and hose pipe in the other after about 5 mins I rinsed the bike down to find that “Dirty Weekend” should be rebranded as “Awesome Weekend” as it removed near 90% off the grime and oil that had built up on the frame! See images below for results, but I was very very impressed!


One thing Velo21 do say is that this product if used with their wax that it does decrease  the lifespan of the wax, but given that I am that impressed with it I think I will just re wax my bike to be able to use it every bike wash! Second step in my bike wash schedule was to remove the wheels and add in my chain keeper and being the degreasing process, now this would be my only issue with the products that Velo21 sell the brush they sell personally I find it a little stiff for my purpose, and the growing trend with spray on degreasers are not for me, my personal method is to keep a small plastic beaker in the shed alongside your products with a soft bristle paint brush in it, pour a little of the degreaser into the pot and use the paintbrush to apply a good coat of liquid and agitate into all the nooks and crannies of the cassette and leave to soak in for 5 minutes or so, rinse and reapply for best results if you are using a heavy duty oil or lube such as wet lube as these are harder to get off. While this is soaking in an applying it magic I personally add a little degreaser into my chain cleaner and run this over the chain for a few minutes, then removing this and using the same paint brush as the cassette apply some degreaser and run the chain round the cranks and chain keeper while brushing with the brush, and same with the crank and chainrings then rinse. As you can see by the images below it comes up very good and very pleasing to me who likes a good clean drive chain!



Next step in the process is to mix the Cherry bomb in a bucket with some water and apply to the bike scrubbing as you go, personally I use a Blue Morgan Wash Glove which came in a kit I bought from Merlin Cycles some time ago find it very handy (get it – wash mit – handy? Oh Ill get my coat!). This removed any dirt and oil left over that the dirty weekend could not or was in hard to reach places such as under the saddle and between the forks etc, leaving the bike clean and ready for the next stage with a nice cherry smell in the process! Drying the bike down with the drying cloth which is much more absorbent that I thought it would be and moved on to the wax. Not many people wax their bike and it’s a shame as it not only means cleaning your bike the next time is easier as not much can stick to the frame, but it also protects the frame from the elements. Applying the wax is very simple and just like waxing a car, so apply in small circle motions and then leave for 5-10 minutes, buffing off with the Velo21 buffing cloth.


The finish on this now it is complete is fantastic I won’t bore you with my excitement over the water beading, as I know not everyone enjoys watching this! The bike looks fantastic and shines in the sunlight, knowing that it is also protected from the elements by the wax is also good. I rode the bike the day after testing in what can only be described as the wettest, crappiest day i’ve rode in in which the bike got messed up and muddy, and brake dust down the forks but thanks to the through clean the day prior and the products themselves a quick rinse and wipe with the drying cloth and the bike was sparkling again! I am very very impressed with these products and under no obligation to say so being that Velo21 are partners with the sponsorship program – we pride ourselves here at BBHQ at offering impartial and honest reviews – and can honestly recommend these products! The only ones we have not tested to date are the Ultra Shine Cut Polish & Matt Carbon Frame Cleaner, as the Matt Cleaner is a interim wash product that we have yet to test and the Ultra Shine is for use on non matt frames – to which I do not have access to at present!



Ease of use: 10/1 0 – simple and effective

Cost – 10/10 – For products of this quality outstanding!

Results – 10/10 – Gleaming bike that is easier to clean the next time!

Click here to be taken to Velo21 website to view the products for yourself and if you are buying some use code BIKEBIBLE to get free delviery on all products!


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