Real User Reviews – Veloflex Corsa

For anyone that has ridden on Vittoria Open Corsa tyres and was less than happy when the range completely changed the Veloflex Corsa seamed to step right into that gap. Looking almost identical and same specifications as the Vittoria’s these seamed to fit the bill! Here is out six month test and review of them and how we got on.



We are always big fans of tyres that can offer lots of grip, comfort and great rolling resistance here at BBHQ – but also tyres that can offer this and puncture protection in abundance. Not an easy task to for-fill by any stretch of the imagination to have a tyre than can perform in all areas. First impressions of the Veloflex Corsa is they should perform in at least 3 of the 4 areas most important to cyclists – Grip, comfort and rolling resistance.  We purchased a set of 25s for the purposes of this review and tested them over a 4 month period. These tyres are marketed at people looking for the benefits of tubular without the expensive wheel upgrades. With 330TPI casing they offer comfort in abundance and also aids with grip on the road. Veloflex state that the tyres should do  6.000 km for the front one and 3.000 km for the rear before needing replaced, which is not that great when they come  in at £47.99 each at RRP so not the cheapest tyres on the market.



The price is not our only gripe with these tyres after testing them. Puncture protection when there is anything other than pan smooth roads to ride on without any debris or holes to hit is none existent. Even if you dont get a flat tyre on the ride, when you are home you will find lots of cuts and splits in the tyres after any ride that involves using the British Roads! This seams to only be exasperated when its wet be this because there is more debris on the roads or just a fact the tyres do not like being wet we do not know. For instance – and we know that lots of riders got punctures on the ride into the start on Ride London, but we used these that day and had no less than 5 punctures before we even got started (3 rear, 2 front). We also advise that not sure if it was our eyes when looking at them or anyone else doing so for that matter but they are sold as 25s but seam a lot smaller than other brands of tyres that come in 25s, which may just be a trick of the eyes! Another gripe would be wet weather grip – or lack there of! We found soon as we applied power to the pedals in wet weather the back wheel would spin, and cornering when wet left more than one squeaky bum moment!



The tyres do have some positives though for instance they offer an abundance of grip when on dry roads and offer comfort from the bumps in the road due to their subtle 320TPI casing and design. The tred pattern down the center of the tyre also aid with grip and maneuverability. Rolling resistance is well above normal and you soon find yourself zipping along.



We would recommend these tyres for those who are racing based on their rolling resistance and grip, but if looking for an everyday tyre that will last the season or get you over a few months of training and club rides then we would advise not to invest in these. The price, lack of decent puncture protection and lifespan of these tyres would make it a very expensive tyre to use all year round that and the lack of wet weather grip leaves anyone that lives in the UK pretty much unable to use these tyres as an everyday choice.  Based on this we can only offer them a 2.5 out of 5 rating, fantastic if racing and looking for grip, low roiling resistance and comfort – not so good if looking for lifespan, puncture protection or value for money.



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